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My favorite Bayern Munich kit – Best football kits series – Part 5

Favorite Bayern Munich shirts
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For part 5 of our ‘best football kits’ series we go to Germany. We have found 6 fans and collectors that are following the club that won all possible cups and leagues last season.

Bayern Munich kits are traditionally made by adidas. Discover the best Bayern kits ever according Michel, Rafa, Oliver, Johan, Markus and Serge.

They have been asked the following questions:

  • Since when do you follow Bayern Munich?
  • Why did you become an Bayern Munich fan?
  • What clubs, other than Bayern Munich, do you support?
  • What is your best Bayern Munich moment ever?
  • Do you have any dream or wish in relation to Bayern Munich?
  • What is your favorite Bayern Munich home kit?
  • What is your favorite Bayern Munich away kit?
  • How many Bayern Munich kits do you have?
  • What is your favorite 2013/14 shirt, other than Bayern Munich?
  • What is your favorite ‘all time’ shirt, other than Bayern Munich?



First is Michel Munger from FC Bayern Central. You can follow them on Twitter.

Since when do you follow Bayern Munich?
Following FCB has been a somewhat long process. I first got interested in football when watching World Cup 2002, cheering for the German national team, which went to the final against Brazil. I was aware of the existence of Bayern and its win a year earlier in the Champions League final, but I truly started following the sport closely in 2006, when Germany hosted the World Cup with an exciting young team.

Why did you become a Bayern Munich fan?
A lot of people cheer for their local sports teams but there wasn’t that much to cheer for in Montreal, Canada, in terms of football. The Impact was nothing special. My love for Munich decided for me. It was a rough first season as a fan, with Felix Magath at the helm and a number of Bayern players not delivering the goods, at least not as well as they previously did. They crashed, but my interest in the team was still growing. It was rewarded when the club started its renaissance by putting Ottmar Hitzfeld back in charge and paying big money for transfers like Franck Ribéry and Luca Toni. There was serious rebuilding going on.

What clubs, other than Bayern Munich, do you support?
I am a one-club man. I spend much more time studying opponents than cheering for a second team. If I had to pick a second team, however, it would be Liverpool FC. I respect the club and its tradition. Like many Bundesliga fans, I have a fascination for St. Pauli.

What is your best Bayern Munich moment ever?
Obviously, Arjen Robben’s winning goal in the Champions League against Dortmund on 25 May 2013. It meant redemption. It meant being crowned European champions after years of building a serious contender for a big title and after a number of last-minute disappointments. A close second is the 7:0 rout on aggregate against Barcelona in the semi-final. It was a euphoric moment to enjoy a power shift between the two biggest teams in Europe.

Do you have any dream or wish in relation to FC Bayern?
I don’t think this will ever happen, but I’d love to work for them. Anything in communications since that’s my field.

What is your favorite Bayern Munich home kit?
Easily the home kit 2013. It’s red, with white stripes, a glossy texture and a Bavarian pattern. I love simple, elegant designs.

Best Bayern Munich kits according to Michel

What is your favorite Bayern Munich away kit?
Tough one. I usually am not a fan of our away shirts. My favourite would have to be 2008-09 because it is a familiar dark blue variation. Other fans should easily recognize this design, which we have often seen in the Champions League.

How many Bayern Munich shirts do you have?
Only three, which is a bit strange for someone so obsessed with the team. I have the current home kit, last year’s home kit with the gold stripes and the 2010 Champions League kit in white. I am extremely picky when it comes to design. My preference goes for the all-red kits because I think nothing else represents Bayern as well.

What is your favorite 2013/14 shirt, other than Bayern Munich?
Werder Bremen. Nice dark green colour with a diamond pattern. It really is elegant.

What is your favorite ‘all time’ shirt, other than FC Bayern?
Celtic away 2012-13. Black, classy with its stripes.


Next is Rafa Rivera from the FC Bayern Munich NYC fanclub. They also have a Twitter account with the latest news on FC Bayern for their New York City based Bayern fans. Rafa has a great story to share…

Since when do you follow Bayern Munich?
I first started paying attention to soccer around the ’86 World Cup, but it didn’t really stick with me until the ’90 World Cup. That was the first World Cup that the United States qualified for in 40 years, so there was more coverage in American TV. At the same time, I was collecting these sports action figures, and my mom got me one of Andreas Brehme, who as it turned out, scored the winning goal for Germany in Italia ’90. People remember Italia ’90 as being dreadfully boring, but to my 13-year-old self, it was incredibly exciting and exotic, particularly since I was growing up in a small town in Ohio, where the big sport was American football. I vividly remember replaying that goal over and over in my mind.

Around the same time, there was a show on PBS called Soccer Made in Germany. Cable TV wasn’t as widespread back then, so it’s not like you could just tune in to ESPN. Even if you could, soccer just wasn’t something that was regularly broadcast. If you were a soccer-mad teenager like me without cable, that PBS show was like a ice cold glass of water in the desert. It wasn’t great, the narration was spectacularly stilted, and the production values weren’t stellar, but it was what kept my nascent interest in the sport going.

That was around 1990 – 91, so I’ve been following Bayern now for over twenty years. It really feels like it was just yesterday, though!

Why did you become a Bayern fan?
Because Soccer Made in Germany was a show about Bundesliga soccer, and because Bayern was (and is) the biggest team in so many different ways, I instinctively turned into a Bayern fan. They were the team in most of the highlights! But it wasn’t because of Bayern’s sparkling play on the field! Those were the “FC Hollywood” days, when players like Lothar Matthäus were more notorious for their off-field shenanigans than for their on-field exploits.

What really sealed it for me, though, was the fact that my childhood best friend was also a Bayern fan. We were the only two in our school; every other soccer fan in our school followed AC Milan, as those were the days when Serie A was the world’s “best” league. So following a different team from everyone else made us feel like we were really clued in to the sport. Which, for any teenager, is really intoxicating.

As I grew older, and learned more about the club and how it really was a club that looked after former players and staffers — and was run by them (unlike so many others), my affection for die Roten grew greater and deeper. And now, after so many years, it’s just part of who I am.

What clubs, other than Bayern Munich, do you support?
That’s a good question! I really like soccer; my partner and friends tease me that I’ll watch it anytime, anywhere. It’s also a question that I’ll reframe slightly. There are no other clubs that I would support, besides Bayern. However, because I really study and follow the sport, there are a number of clubs that I’ll follow, for a variety of reasons.

In the Premier League, I really like what Roberto Martínez and Brendan Rodgers are doing at Everton and Liverpool. They’re playing really bright, attractive soccer that’s fun to watch. I started following Queens Park Rangers because of a friend of mine, and it looks like they’ll be promoted back to the Premier League; they’re a scrappy team that simply refuses to lose, which is a radical change from when they were relegated.

I also started following FC St. Pauli because it’s what is referred to in Germany as a Kult club: clubs that have a cult following, in this case because of its left-wing politics and its socially progressive stands. FC St Pauli ultras also have a relationship with the Bayern ultras. They’re doing well this season, so they might join FCB in the Bundesliga next year! Along the same lines, I also follow Rayo Vallecano in Spain’s La Liga, since they have a similar reputation.

I really believe in supporting your local team, so since I live in New York City, I follow the New York Red Bulls of MLS and the New York Cosmos of the NASL. The original Cosmos featured Franz Beckenbauer, probably Bayern’s greatest player, so it’s only natural that I follow them. I also follow the Portland Timbers of MLS, as they have a raucous home atmosphere and the team plays fairly good offensive soccer; I think their manager, Caleb Porter, is one of the most talented American managers around. When the new New York team starts playing in 2015, I’ll probably follow what they do as well.

I could keep on going, but I think this is a good list.

What is your best Bayern moment ever?
From a personal perspective, the 7-0 annihilation of Barcelona in the 2012-13 Champions’ League semi finals. I have never seen a team play the sport of soccer at such a high level of quality. Bayern beat a Barcelona team that was considered to be one of the greatest of all time — and they didn’t just beat them, they crushed them. Swept them aside. Absolutely obliterated them. It wasn’t even that close, and the scoreline isn’t that reflective of the absolute thrashing that Bayern gave Barcelona; it very easily could have been 14-0. What made it even more astonishing and breath-taking was that it was over two legs! Any team can have an awful game; as the German manager Sepp Herberger said, “The ball is round and the game is 90 minutes long”. But to play the game at this level against this opponent over the course of two games…words really cannot encompass it, I think. It was like watching a sublime artist — say, a Mozart — operating at the very peak of their powers.

I really enjoyed seeing FCB lift the European Cup a few weeks later, and I was absolutely ecstatic. But for me, that semifinal was the best. If I ever see another team play at that level, I’ll be a very fortunate man.

Do you have any dream or wish in relation to Bayern Munich?
It would be truly remarkable to repeat the Treble victory of last year, especially since this is a club in some transition (from Jupp Heynckes system to Pep Guardiola’s), although things seem to be going well. If they manage to even win one of the three trophies, it’ll be great; I’m not sure what I’d do if they manage to win all three! I’d love to see them play in person, too. I haven’t yet had the good luck to do so, but it’ll come about.

What is your favorite Bayern Munich home jersey?
I’m particularly fond of the 2010-2011 Bayern Munich jersey. I’m not so fond of the massive sponsor logo on the chest, which is kind of in your face, but I really like the design of the shirt, with the vertical red-and-white stripes. I also like the 2001 home shirt, which was very simple: red with a white crew neck collar. But the 2010-11 is my favorite.

Favorite FC Bayern Munich jerseys according to Rafa

What is your favorite Bayern Munich away jersey?
For me, I’ve always like the black Bayern away jerseys. I know technically they’re the third shirts, but I’ve always preferred the black shirts. I feel like the team plays with added swagger, poise, and confidence when they wear them. I particularly like the 2010-2011 edition, because it has a cadet collar, along with subtle diagonal stripes.

If we’re going by strict away shirt rules, though, then my vote goes to the 1995-97 away shirt. It was the very first soccer shirt I ever bought with my own money, and I still have it to this day.

How many Bayern Munich shirts do you have?
Nine, so far: ’91-93 home, ’95-97 away, ’06-07 home, ’08-09 home, ’09-10 home, ’10-11 home, ’11-12 home, ’12-13 away, and the ’13-14 home. That last has special meaning for me, as it was a gift from the Fanclub.

What is your favorite 2013/14 shirt, other than Bayern?
I’m notorious for being a shirt collector (I’ve got nearly a hundred in my collection). If I had to pick: on the club side, the Sevilla away shirt. Designed by Warrior, it brings back the original club badge, with vertical red-and-white stripes around the shoulders, and the rest in solid scarlet. And best of all…no sponsor!

On the national team side, it’s hard to argue against the classic design of the USA Centennial shirt; all white, with navy blue cuffs and a shield with a condensed U.S. flag. About the only change I might have made is making the shirt cream-colored or ivory-colored instead of white.

What is your favorite ‘all time’ shirt, other than FC Bayern?
It’s hard for me to pick just one! There are two that stand out for me: the 2006 USA “Don’t Tread on Me” third shirt, which was essentially worn for one game in 2006 prior to the World Cup. I also have a soft spot for the 1994 USA “denim” kit. Don’t laugh; if ever there was a shirt that was emblematic of a team, it is that one. I would love to see a similarly creative design for a USA third jersey.


Next up is Bayern shirt collector Oliver Kleissberg. You can watch his Bayern shirt collection online.

Since When do you follow Bayern Munich?
Since 1994!

Why did you become fan of Bayern Munich?
The best and most successful football club of Germany and now in the world. In addition, the FC Bayern played in the season 94/95 in the Uefa Champions League and reached the semi-final against Ajax.

Since Bayer Munich had a very young team like Ajax! But Ajax was in development on and deserved to win at the end of the Champions League against Milan.

What clubs, other than Bayern Munich, do you support?
No other clubs!

What is your best FC Bayern moment ever?
The Uefa Champions League victory in 2001 in Milan against FC Valencia.

Do you have any dream or wish in relation to Bayern Munich?
Unfortunately no, all wishes came true in 2013. Since I’ve been waiting many years on it. Bayern are currently the best team in the world!

What is your favorite Bayern Munich home kit?
The Bayern Munich home jersey from 1993-1995.

The best Bayern kits according to Oliver

What is your favorite Bayern Munich away kit?
The Nottingham-shirt from the UEFA Cup season 1995/96.

How many Bayern Munich shirts do you have?
Many. Very many…must be more than 200 Please look easy on my homepage and count.

What is your favorite 2013/14 shirt, other than Bayern?
The white away kit, called “Wiesn-Shirt” according to the “Oktoberfest”!

What is your favorite ‘all time’ shirt, other than FC Bayern?
The Germany jersey from 1996, when we won the last title for germany (European Championship in England).


Another Bayern kit collector is Johan van Uytven from Belgium. You can see his great Bayern kit collection online.

Since when do you follow Bayern Munich?
I watch and follow Bayern Munich since the 1990/91 season onwards.

Why did you become an FC Bayern fan?
My father and uncle were both Bayern (and Jean-Marie Pfaff) fans, they bring me to matches. At home we were watching the Bayern Munich matches as well.

What clubs, other than Bayern Munich, do you support?
None, I only support Bayern.

What is your best Bayern Munich moment ever?
The final of the Champions League in 2001 we won against Valencia on penalties, with hero Oliver Kahn.

And also the thriller in the Bundesliga in 2001, where Schalke was league champions for 4 minutes. The extra time played in Hamburg let Andersson score the equalizer so we were Champions after all.
An exciting day.

Do you have any dream or wish in relation to FC Bayern?
Bayern made my dream come true last year. They won everything there is to win. Besides the final in Marocco, I was at all the other matches and have enjoyed it very much. A dream of mine is experiencing a match from beginning to end. The journey on the move, the hotel, the training, warm-up, competition… That must be a great feeling and experience.

What is your favorite Bayern Munich home shirt?
Without a doubt my 1965 Bayern home shirt from Gerd Müller. The shirt brand was Palm. More recently I like the red Champions League shirt from the 2001/02 season.

Johans top Bayern Munich kits

What is your favorite Bayern Munich away shirt?
The Bayern 2006/07 away shirt by adidas. Just classy and clean white and red.

How many Bayern Munich shirts do you have?
About 350 (note Dennis: that is really amazing)

What is your favorite ‘all time’ shirt, other than FC Bayern?
I don’t have any other team shirt that appeals to me. Probably the Germany home shirt. The one with the historical 3 coloured squares.


The third Bayern collector is Markus from Switzerland. His Bayern Munich collection can also be found online.

Since when do you follow Bayern Munich?
I was born in Switzerland in 1972 and since I can remember a huge Bayern fan! Even my parents were avid Bayern supporters and Karl Heinz Rummenigge fans. Unforgettable for me the Saturday afternoons in the 80s, when the games were commented live on the radio. So I was left with almost no choice – I was “trimmed to the FC Bayern” early … For that I am grateful to my parents.

Why did you become an Bayern Munich?
From the beginning (look first answer). In the evening there was a summary in a sports show. I liked the variety how they played and I be not disappointed still today

What clubs, other than FC Bayern, do you support?
I was born in Thun (Canton Bern). So I have always supported the FC Thun. Thun is the 10th largest city in the otherwise small Switzerland. Unforgettable is the CL 2005/06 season! A real miracle! They played for example, against Arsenal.

What is your best Bayern Munich moment ever?
The Champions League title against Valencia was great, But winning the Champions League in 20112/13 against my ‘enemy’ oo. 1, Borussia Dortmund, was the most enjoyable of my “Bayern fan time”!

Do you have any dream or wish in relation to FC Bayern?
Defend the Champions League title. Up to date no team has managed to do that.

What is your favorite Bayern Munich shirt?
Tough ask, but I think it is one of the 80 years. The Commodore period were cool and it was my first computer :-). Logically, a C64 :-). So I opt for the home jersey from the Season 84/85.

The best Bayern Munich shirts acoording to Markus

What is your favorite Bayern Munich away shirt?
Bayern Munich had very good away shirts over the years, but the current jersey of the season 13/14 is the hammer.

How many Bayern Munich shirts do you have?
I currently have 272 jerseys. 225 players jersey and 47 fanshop jerseys. And my collection will continue to grow, see www.fcbtrikots.npage.ch

What is your favorite 2013/14 shirt, other than Bayern Munich?
Hard to say. But as a very big fan of Audi, I opt for the home jersey from FC Ingolstadt 04 (2nd Bundesliga).

What is your favorite ‘all time’ shirt, other than FC Bayern?
I have not. I would call you a Bayern jersey, but that’s not the question!


And last in this Bayern Munich kit article is kit collector Serge Marx. You can find the collection of Serge on his Bayern Munich shirts website.

Since when do you follow Bayern Munich?
Since I was 8, so now it’s 13 years.

Why did you become an Bayern Munich fan?
I don’t know. I think the club choose me :-)

What clubs, other than FC Bayern, do you support?
VFL Bochum and St. Pauli from the second league in Germany, because there is a friendship between the fan groups.

What is your best Bayern Munich moment ever?
There are so many amazing moments in the history of Bayern. For example the Champions League Season 2001 or the Bundesliga win 2001 in the 94`min but I think it’s the Champions League win against Borussia Dortmund last year. I was so happy that Arjen Robben has shot the second goal in the 89’min. For the game I was in a Bayern local in Luxembourg, after the game the atmosphere was so amazing and we had some beer showers.

Do you have any dream or wish in relation to Bayern Munich?
After the last year I have no wishes because the last year was so amazing. 5 Trophies in 1 season that’s awesome.

What is your favourite Bayern Munich home kit?
The Bayern shirt from the season 2009/2010, here in the Champions League Version.

Serges top Bayern Munich shirts

What is your favourite FC Bayern Munich away shirt?
The new ‘Wiesn Shirt` from this season 2013/2014.

How many FC Bayern shirts do you have?
At the moment 20 match worn shirts and more than 30 fan shop shirts.

What is your favourite 2013/14 shirt, other than Bayern Munich?
It’s the new Germany shirt for the world cup in 2014.

What is your favourite ‘all time’ shirt, other than FC Bayern?
I love the green shirts Germany football shirts in the 80s.


I like to thank Michel, Rafa, Oliver, Johan, Markus and Serge for sharing their Bayern Munich answers and stories with us.

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